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Top 10 Cruises in India

One of the best leisure trips in India can be experienced by heading to a luxury ship cruise. The comfort and luxury of the ship and the beauty and magic of the sea, both together will make your vacation an absolutely delightful experience.

Through a cruise holiday, you can explore the charm of a floating life, where all you have to do is relax and  watch the splendid sights of beaches, coasts and trees on the horizons.

The ships take special care of the tourists, and in perfect comfort provide them all the required provisions and additional recreational facilities like, pool, bars, food and music.

The top 10 Indian Cruises are as follows :

Pick any of the best cruise holidays in India, and have a memorable time in the country.

  • Sunderbans Luxury Cruises

The world famous mangrove forests and a natural ecosystem can be observed in Sunderbans, the Tiger Reserve of Bengal. Through a river cruise of 4 days and 3 nights here, you will be able to explore the ghats, the forests and small hamlets around the river, and enjoy the luxury of the cruise boats as well.

  • Brahmaputra Luxury Cruises

You can travel through these mesmerizing water bodies in extreme comfort and serenity, in the luxury cruise ships. The Assam Bengal Navigation, will take you on a charming Brahmaputra trip through its cruise ships, and provide you the splendor of Assam wilderness .

  • Bengal Cruises

Again the Assam Bengal Navigation can be approached for an exquisite Bengal cruise trip as well. Take rounds of the beautiful Hugli river, or sacred Ganges, and explore the marine beauty of Bengal. Watch the surrounding localities and enjoy the comfort of the ship.

  • Lakshadweep Cruises: Kadmat Island

The Motor Vessel Kavaratti will take you to the heart of Kadmat Island, in Lakshadweep, and through its amazing luxury facilities, will make your holiday a memorable affair. Luxury berths for tourists take care of their comfort, and the ship itself, traces some of the best corners of the island.

  • Arabian Sea Cruises

For an exotic holiday on the Arabian Sea, take a ride in the motor vessel Arabian Sea, which will take you to iconic islands of Lakshadweep and also give you a sense of luxury with its best services. Also offering you an opportunity for water sports, the ship is another name for leisure.

  • Lakshadweep Cruises

The MV Kavaratti has taken responsibility to help the tourists to enjoy the whole of Lakshadweep, and hence take tourists on various cruises. One such is the combined Lakshadweep cruises, in which five most happening islands of the place are covered by the cruiser. Enjoy the fun and luxury both, through this ride.

  • Pearl of the Orient Cruises, Goa

This ship will take you on a ride to give you some best sights of the Goa's cultural and heritage marvels. The ship will provide you refreshments , comfortable arrangements and above all a Goa experience that you cannot have from land. Not for a long journey, this ship provides you a few hours of leisure.

  • Star Cruises, Goa

Under its various voyages, the vessels of Star Cruises will take you to places such as Goa, Cochin and Lakshadweep, and with proper facilities and luxuries offer various fun activities to its tourists. Explore the natural and marine splendors on a cruise ride through Star Cruise.

  • Blackwater Thrills, Goa

A trip of few hours to Goa's best water bodies and offering views of Aguada Fort, Raj Bhawan and other buildings, the Blackwater Thrills, literally provide you the thrill of the mystic water, while giving you luxurious facilities on board.

  • Dolphin Fantasy Cruises, Goa

This ship also runs parallel to the Blackwater Thrills, in covering some of the amazing sea and river sides of Goa, while showing exotic sights to the tourists. Through a cruise in Dolphin Fantasy, you can take a memorable trip of Goa.

Through these luxury trips, you are getting to live a dual dream, experience the magic of ship cruise and having a wonderful holiday in serene India.

Last updated : Jan 3, 2012.

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