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Bengal Cruises

A country where you have so many options for a travel trip, from hill stations to beaches, from deserts to wilderness, you get as diverse features and options for a leisure holiday as well. Here, you can have a perfect relaxing holiday, amongst the beautiful locations of the country, enjoying comfort and services offered by the hosts and acquainting yourself to the culture.

Plan a leisure holiday in India, straight out of your dreams, sailing on a quite, serene river while the surrounding meadows and hamlets would be like fairytale world. Such a holiday trip is indeed possible with India's cruise trips. You can go along with any of the popular cruise vessel, and enjoy the peace of sailing. Bengal Cruises offer you one such option, as it is one of the most popular and top 10 cruises of the country.

General Information:
Bengal Cruises is the amazing holiday you can have in India, sailing on the beautiful water bodies or rivers of the state. Providing a natural haven, the cruise will show you some of the notable attractions in Bengal, namely, Ganges, Hugli and many villages popular for their serene atmosphere.

The Destinations:
A holiday cruise to Bengal includes many scenic locations, including, Hugli river, flowing from Farakka towards Kolkata; Sonepur Cattle Fair, outside Patna borders where you can see the cultural authenticity of the state; European colonies; and many other places could be seen while on the Ganges cruise including,  Mughal ruins at Rajmahal, relics of East India Company at Patna and Monghyr, and Buddhist monuments at Bodh Gaya

The Cruiser:
The cruiser that will take you on this splendid journey would be the two vessels of Assam Bengal Navigation, ABN Charaidew and ABN Sukhapa, which is an Indo British navigation project , making tourists enjoy a coastal beauty of the state.

The Cruiser's Features:

The cruisers have been built, keeping in mind the comfort and luxury for the tourists, as a holiday is all about that. Both the cruisers have 10 and 12 cabins, respectively, on the upper deck area, along with the open decks for relaxation as well, while the lower deck is reserved for dining and staff members. The rooms are completely furnished, air conditioned and have all the things required on a holiday.

The cruiser takes care of the appetite of its guests as well, and in the restaurants serve varieties of Indian and Continental dishes, specializing in the sea food. The well furnished and designed restaurants give a perfect ambience to eat and to enjoy the diverse flavors of Indian cuisine.

While sailing quietly through the foresty areas and river bodies of Bengal, the cruiser gives you other features as well, so that you could enjoy a little time in recreational activities. The bar on the upper deck gives you amazing spirits, wines and drinks to enjoy on your holiday, while the salon will give you a relaxing massage. You can also enjoy sunsets and an evening breeze sitting quietly on an arm chair on the sun deck.

Important Facts about the Cruise:

·The cruise was a joint project created by Andrew Brock and Ashish Phookan in 2002, and the Charaidew and Sukhapa started their cruises in 2003 and 2007 respectively, covering Brahmaputra, and then Hugli, and finally including Ganges in 2010.

·The Hugli cruises are operated throughout the year, while cruises for Ganges are operated only in the winter months.

·The major attractions would be the villages, the wildlife and the habitat on the banks.

·For rivers and coastal areas, carry your essential medications and anti allergic creams and lotions.

·Sonepur Cattle Fair is organized on Bihar border in the month of Autumn, on a full moon night.


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