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Brahmaputra Luxury Cruises

A holiday is another name for comfort, lazy idling, and spending a leisure or relaxing time with yourself and your close ones. On an India trip, you will get an opportunity to do all this, that too amidst some beautiful and exciting locations. Plan a leisure holiday to this subcontinent and feel what the hospitality of India is like.

For a leisure holiday , you can try various options like, a luxury resort of the royal lands of Rajasthan, or a comfortable beach vacation soaking up the sun, but we are giving you here, another option to consider, and this is cruising on the iconic Brahmaputra river, through best services of Indian holiday cruise companies. You can give a try to Brahmaputra Luxury Cruises, one of the top 10 luxury cruises in India, and we assure you there won't be any scope for disappointment.

General Information:
A scenic and wonderful cruise, plunging forward into the waters of Brahmaputra river, shared by the lands of Assam and Bengal, here you can also cruise along the beautiful Hugli in Bengal. And the very latest addition of the sacred Ganges would also be covered as a part of these cruises, with the comfort and adventure of two forest lodges, Diphlu River Lodge at Kaziranga National Park in Assam and Bansbari Lodge at the Bhutan border.

The Destinations:
Brahmaputra luxury cruises, make various tours, towards Bengal and to Assam. The wildlife around Brahmaputra in Assam is the main feature of this trip, along with sandy banks and Gangetic dolphins. Kaziranga and Manas National Parks are also popular attractions during this trip.

While on a Bengal River Cruise, the cruise will take you in the northern regions where Ganges and Brahmaputra together offers you a nice flow to cruise on, as you would watch the rustic hamlets lying on the banks. In the National Parks, the lodges will give you complete comfort and rest, on your cruise trip.

The Cruiser:
The cruises are undertaken in two luxurious vessels, by Assam Bengal Navigation (ABN), an Indo- British project, these are ABN Charaidew and ABN Sukhapa, a much newer vessel. Together these two vessels have provided a new definition to comfort and holiday.

The Cruisers Features:

Ihe Charaidew provides 10 twin bedded accommodation and two double bedded cabins, with proper washrooms and bathing facilities, while Sukhapa's 12 cabins are equally spacious and similarly designed. Completely furnished and air conditioned rooms, situated on the upper deck, will give you a feel of luxury.

The dining rooms or restaurants are located on the lower deck, and while the ambience and decoration of the restaurants are pleasurable and eye soothing, they offer a range of Indian and International cuisines, especially Assamese and Continental.

The cruise vessels also offer many other features or recreational things on board, to have an enjoyable time on a luxury holiday. There is a bar on the upper deck where you can enjoy a variety of wines, beers and spirits, while a saloon opens up to the front deck, where you can have a relaxing healthy treatment. The sun deck, is a place where you can sit on an arm chair and enjoy the sun, while viewing the surrounding scenes of beauty.

Important facts about the Cruise:

·    The cruisers were built in 2003 and 2007, separately, and have been functioning progressively ever since.

·    Throughout the year, the cruisers will take you on holiday trips, though you can avoid a monsoon trip, during the months of July to September.

·    The major attraction of this cruise would be the villages around the rivers, and National Parks around, obviously besides the iconic rivers itself.

·    Carry your essential medications, anti allergic and mosquito repelling creams.

·    Some other areas included in the cruises are Bihar, Bhutan border, and Bangladesh border.

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