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Luxury Trains - The Indian Maharaja

A leisure holiday in India offers you many options, through which you can experience the hospitality and comfort provided to the tourists. A travel trip in India can be very difficult, due to the rough terrains, hills, mountains, and so on, but people are willing to take all challenges for their love for traveling. Now the country has come up with a brilliant idea for these enthusiasts.

Get aboard on one of the luxury trains, that will show you around some best destinations of the country, and that too with complete luxury and comfort. On the stops you can get down, buy souvenirs, click pictures, while the train will give you all the facilities of a comfortable accommodation, food, drinks, recreations and so on. One such train is The Indian Maharaja, one of the top 10 luxury trains of the country, taking you for a North Indian trip.

General Details:
The Indian Maharaja is another luxury train from the chain of The Deccan Odyssey, which is maintained by the Government of India, Ministry of Railway, and Maharashtra Tourist Development Corporation. This particular train covers a long journey of 7 days and unlike other Deccan Odyssey trains , which cover a journey of South India, it is a North Indian travel train, taking you through Maharashtra, Jaipur and Agra.

The Route:
The train covers two routes, from Mumbai to Delhi and from Delhi to Mumbai, and in both the journeys, it covers the same destinations for the entire week. Starting from Delhi, it moves on to Agra, and then to Rajasthan. In Rajasthan one day each, would be dedicated to Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Udaipur and then it will move on to Maharashtra , for Aurangabad showing the iconic caves of Ajanta and then ending the trip in Mumbai. The same route will be covered in the second trip of Mumbai to Delhi.

Train Attractions:

The entire train is divided into 21 coaches that accommodates passenger cabins, presidential suites, a conference cabin, restaurant cabins, lounge and bar cabin and spa cabin. There is one spare cabin for generator and luggage as well. All these coaches make the train very spacious and organized, and you will enjoy the trip in a very elegant fashion.

Best cooks from one of the finest dining chains in the country, the luxury train takes care of the eating likes and dislikes of its tourists and hence a variety of cuisines are served on board, including Indian, Chinese, Continental. The restaurant in the train is elegantly designed and maintained and with the delicious food, you would find amazing services as well, by the attendants.

The luxury train offers a lot of recreational provisions for the passengers, so that they also get the right amount of entertainment. There is a small library inside the train where book lovers can have a quiet time reading, and there is also a music zone where the music lovers can spend some time enjoying the melodies. In the bar and lounge you can have a relaxing time enjoying some of the best drinks, while also take care of your health and pamper yourself in the ayurvedic spa or gymnasium. You can also enjoy a steam bath in here, while having a leisure time.

More Features
Food, journey, bed, this is not the end of the tale of this luxury train, in fact all these basic requirements are improved upon by adding many features to it, like Internet facilities and satellite channels in the televisions, a mini pantry in each coach with all provisions, and a plasma TV in the lounge area. The lounge and bar section is turned into a dance section during the night, which is quite a party place.

You can also buy small tokens and souvenirs from each station where the train stops for a little break. You can take a look around, while the nearby markets would be full of small local crafty items, which you can collect for memories.

The Trip
The luxury train provides you absolute comfort and a perfect holiday in India, while you will also get to see some iconic places and attractions which are popular around the world. From Taj Mahal to the regal palaces of Rajasthan, like City Palace and Amber Fort. From Ajanta Caves to Ellora Temples, all would intensify the magic of this holiday trip. Through a luxury train, you get the comfort on a journey which could otherwise be very tiresome, and explore the heritage of an Incredible country.


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