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Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram

The first idea that an Indian trip would revive in your mind would be a peaceful and comfortable destination, somewhere in the middle of natural wonders, lush green and beautiful, and this idea indeed is what an Indian holiday can be like. The amazing destinations and activities would be as peaceful and spiritual in the country, as its promising yoga practice and institutions.

If you intend to plan a leisure holiday in India, then you can plan a trip to Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, where you will find all worldly comforts, beautiful locations and a very popular yoga Institute Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, one of the top 10 Yoga and Ayurveda centers in the country, where you can learn and try some yoga skills for a perfect stress free holiday and a perfect health in your future as well.

Location of the Institute:

Established in the year 1976 by the son and student of prominent yoga guru, Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, KYM or Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram is a very popular institute for yoga in the country. It is located in Chennai, 31 Fourth Cross Street, Rama Krishna Nagar, Mandavelli, in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Important Features of the Institute:

The KYM is an iconic name in the whole country and abroad for the Hatha Yoga, a form of yoga which use a lot of focus and force, especially of the mind. It is considered as a higher form of meditation, while the physical exercises include a lot of asanas and pranayamas, that is body posture and breathing movements.

Additional features
The center has trained and professional teachers who have written several books on the Hatha Yoga form and have imparted the education to their students which has passed on by guru Krishnamacharya.
There are not only written resources offered by the center to the tourists, you will have an entire book store offering you  a range of books on Indian tradition and history on Yoga and its benefits, and health care. The institute also offer various scholarships to its brilliant students.

Heal Yourself
The yoga institute specializes in healing the physical ailments in people, while the spiritual balance and peace that the practice provides is also a gain, you cannot overlook. You will get a proper therapy here, if you are looking for a cure of your problem, and if you only want to explore the magic of the authentic Indian spiritualism, then this yoga institute will be your best ally.

It is not only a place to see, learn and get acquainted with the ancient Indian practice, it is also a place where you can research and help the form to grow as well, as it is as much an academical institution as a leisure holiday recreational place. There are many national and international programs, training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences, organized and offered by the center which enables a tourist or a devoted student to learn the basics and techniques of yoga .

Important Information:
·    To inquire about the official details or courses or tourist guidelines, you can call on 91 44 24937998.
·    The institute has the founders as its teachers, including Krishnamacharya's own family, his son and his trained students.
·    The institute is as much a medical center as a yoga center.

On a leisure trip to India, you can choose this serene and quiet south Indian state to stay, and a week or two at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram will bring you closer to spirituality, to a peaceful nature and to humanity. This holiday will be a very refreshing time for you.


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