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Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute

An Indian leisure trip will provide you many options, such as the beach delights, the luxury resorts, the desert safaris, the splendid hill stations, and many others, but there is another way to spend a leisure and comfortable holiday in the Indian Subcontinent, and this is through experiencing the peace and freshness that you feel on an ayurvedic treatment or a yoga session.

The country has been acknowledged as the official inventors of yoga, and with more and more popularity of the art, even tourists are coming here to the land, to have a rendezvous with this practice and to get acquainted. The Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute is one of the top 10 Yoga and Ayurveda Institutes in the country, and through its modern practices it is a huge hit among the masses.

Location of the Institute:
The popular Institute is located in the Mysore city, 235 8th Cross,  3rd Stage Gokulam, in the state of Karnataka, and was established to promote the yoga practice, in a more modernized version by K. Pattabhai Jois, who learned his yoga skills from the renowned 20th century yoga guru Krishnamacharya. His form of yoga is more popularly known as Power Yoga these days.

Important Features of the Institute:

Imparting the yoga form, taught by Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta, Jois emphasizes some certain forms of Ashtanga Yoga, namely, Vinyasa, the breathing and movement form practiced for internal cleansing; tristhana, harps on posture, breathing and looking place which together will control the body, nervous system and mind; and thirdly, the six poisons, which surrounds the heart and whose purification is important and can be achieved through Ashtanga Yoga. A very practical and philosophical basis of yoga is taught in this institution.

Higher level practices:
With the basic asanas and teachings of yoga, Ashtanga yoga has some higher practices as well, which has helped it earn the name of Power Yoga, meaning the one that works instantly on any ailment. Some of these practices are bandhas, the internal body locks through muscle contraction; the nine form of drishtis or gaze which is essential to develop focus; and thirdly mantras, the Sanskrit verses which gives it the traditional touch. These three practices are the unique features of Ashtanga Yoga.

Heal yourself:
People have been associating yoga as a means to loose weight instantly and stay in shape, but the most important and bigger value of this art lies in refreshing your spirits and soul and living a healthy life, both through body and mind. The yoga doesn't only help you ward off your ailments but it also provide a certain sense of moral conduct, help you remain focused, and make you work towards self purification, controlled breathing, meditating, all of which are important aspects of a healthy life. On an Indian holiday, learning the basic techniques to look after yourself is an mazing option.

The Institution offers various resources to the tourists and students to have a better learning of this form of yoga. Many Books, CDs, DVDs and audio visuals have been made by the institution so that a very distant person , who has no idea about what yoga is, can be taught about its benefits. Jois's own two books, Yoga Mala and Surya Namaskar, are important resources for avid yoga learners, and the tourists will have a great deal of knowledge through these books. A leisure holiday at Mysore will bring you closer to spirituality.

Important Information:

·    For any kind of inquiry and official details you can contact on 91 988 0185 500.
·    The Institute has many branches outside the country as well, and has a string of gurus and teachers, from and outside the country.
·    The Institute will open with new sessions and new enrollments in July.

A week or two in the Institute, learning their teachings, understanding their concepts and experiencing a spiritual world available nowhere else, Ashtanga Yoga institute will give you an amazing comfortable and leisure time on an Indian holiday.

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